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Google My Business - Why your business needs an account

Your business’ online presence both reflects and determines your appeal to consumers and your position within your industry. By situating yourself well across the digital environment, you can gain more traction, a larger audience and a make a higher turnover of sales. One of the most effective ways to manage your online presence, is with a Google My Business account.

Maps, search and other Google services are all wrapped up into this easy-to-manoeuvre tool. With an account you can edit your information, allowing more customers to find your business, your stories, your values and to wholeheartedly engage with you. Things that seem simple (i.e. opening hours and location) can go a long way to drawing in more customers. Free of charge, a Google My Business account will allow you to fill all this in. New and old customers will appreciate the extensive information and the newfound depth of your connection with them.

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That connection is further strengthened with another feature of the tool - you can add photos and respond to reviews from customers. This is another simple way to fully reinforce your business's reputation and position within your specifies industry. Consumers can understand you to be a validated, authentic company and can align their tastes and values with you to a greater extent.

The effect of your business having a Google My Business account is both substantial and measurable. The service offers insights on who is searching for you, how they’re doing it and where they’re doing it from. With these details and more, you are able to develop a better comprehension of your audience and yourself, which can be translated to new campaigns (the success of which, can also be measured).

All of these services are wrapped into a simple Google My Business account, which has mobile accessibility as well as desktop. That means you can be consistently making the most of this brilliant tool to maximise your business’ sales and reach. All that is to be done, is sign up for a free Google My Business account and see the results for yourself.


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