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Mobile marketing - using GPS tracking to target customers in your location

One of the best things about good digital marketing, is it’s ability to effectively target customers who are most likely to engage with your brand. Instead of sending your promotional messages out to the world and hoping for a decent response, you can direct specific material to a specific audience who fit into your demographic. This allows you to be confident that the people who should be aware of you, are. While age, gender, style and interests can all be of importance, one of the most integral (and often overlooked) aspects of targeting, is geographic location. If you are a locally operating company, there is little point in constantly throwing information out to the worldwide masses. This is where GPS tracking, offered by mobile marketing, can be super effective.

With mobile marketing, you can use GPS tracking to target customers in your location. Geolocation features allow your advertisements to be shown to customers, only when they are in a set location. This means that the people seeing your messages are more likely to be interested in them. By keeping to a relatively small area around your store (no more than about 5 minutes away), you can ensure your audience remains fully engaged. Use an impactful CTA that will encourage them to immediately check out your location. Perhaps offer something direct and unique, like a personalised sale or a free drink. If done well, you can increase your sales and engage with your customers with much more success.

Mobile Marketing - GPS Tracking

It is important to ensure you are open with your customers. By being transparent with what data you are trying to target, you can continue to build a relationship of trust that will benefit you both. This will allow you to find long-term and dedicated customers, that are keen to continue to support your business.

GPS tracking, tends to work best in industries that insist on attendance. Whether that be retail, hospitality or entertainment, this technique will become integral to pulling a larger audience.

For further support and information about using GPS tracking to target customers in your location, get in touch with Solute Digital today.


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