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Image by Mikayla Mallek

"Since our inception, Solute Digital has been entirely focused on building a strategic and innovative Digital Marketing Agency"

Our team thrives on challenge, innovation & passionate conversations

The foundation of Solute's culture is based on our love for digital marketing and helping New Zealand
& Australia SMEs grow.

We offer a range of affordable digital marketing tactics that we tailor to suit your business, marketing objective and budget.
So whether you are a looking for a one off marketing campaign or would prefer to hand it all over, let's chat to see if we are a good match for you & your business.

Image by Georgia de Lotz

We believe in pushing boundaries in design

Let's get to the nitty-grity! 

We deliver one-off solutions to assist businesses in enhancing their profit potential in the online space.

We are dedicated to delivering and executing innovative marketing solutions that create value now and in the future.


Digital marketing is essentially the future of marketing - if businesses ignore this platform they risk losing the sustainability of sales they once had.  If you would like to know how we can help YOUR business please feel free to contact us today and book in a complimentary consultation.

Solute wants to help build your business into the success story it should be. To do it, we must develop an  authentic relationship and a strong understanding of you. By becoming the business we are working with, we are able to put all of our energy into determining where you want to be and figuring out how to get you there.


Digital marketing is an ever-changing function, interwoven through business. With a great knowledge about what works, we can use our expertise to help you generate new sales and a wider reach. Our marketing expertise works with a focus on your business and organisational goals, to ensure you are are being supported in the way you need.


First, we look at the story behind your business. We look at aspects both online and offline to figure out what is important to you. Only then, can we truly work to help build a local community and audience that supports you. If you’re interested in building an authentic connection with Solute, we are ready to give you our all.

Jen Froggatt - Solute Digital - Digital Strategist

Jen Jacobson

Director & Digital Strategist

Nicole Stanton - Solute Digital - Digital Marketing Manager

Nicole Stanton

Digital Marketing Manager

& Consultant 

Liam Jacobson - Solute Digital - Social & Digital Assistent

Liam Jacobson

Social & Digital Marketing Assistant 

Do you need help with bringing in new customers and generating leads?
Are you leveraging your brands potential in the digital space, through online advertising and social media?

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