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The rise of Programmatic Advertising and the ‘good sort’ of robots we want to make friends with.

What’s all this talk about machines purchasing digital advertising and replacing the process of people purchasing ads you say?

Well it’s not as silly as it sounds or a threat to marketers today – In fact were calling it a blessing and welcoming them with open arms.

If you haven’t already herd of the robots who are changing the face of online advertising, meet Programmatic Ad Buyer.

The meet and greet.

The rise of programmatic ad buying is increasing and we think you should get to know them and more about what they do and how they can benefit your brand.

In simple terms, traditionally marketers and RFPs would negotiate buying and selling, and manually insert their ad orders but now we can put our feet up and use the robots (software) to buy ads instead.

A side from saving you valuable time to focus on the planning of campaigns themselves, these robots also are more efficient and can save you money too.

We can use programmatic ad buying to spread our ads online and then mid campaign evaluate what’s working best by checking in to see how the platforms, audiences, geographies, the timing is doing so far. Not only do we eliminate what’s not working but we can also refine our ads, so were only paying for highly impactful campaigns.

And it’s not just online ads but traditional media like Television and radio ads are also heading down the road of being traded programmatically too.

Aren’t our friends helpful!

They sure are and we predict Programmatic Advertising and Ad buying is only going to rise with the ever-evolving technology. So let’s embrace the ‘good sort’ robots and keep them in our close friend circles and if your still not sure about programmatic ad buying for your brand you can contact our marketing experts for their advice today. – Were human!

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