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Local search marketing using Google AdWords

As a local business, it is important to be visible in the places that consumers will be searching for you. That can mean competing with worldwide industry leaders or larger corporations for higher search ranking - and we all know how much time SEO can take up. However, you are able to ensure that your brand will be visible through local search marketing using Google AdWords.

Most people using search engines for products and services, are more interested in locally based businesses, for ethical reasons or just convenience. Whatever the individual reasoning is, location is important - and you can ensure you treat it as such. Google has become much more accommodative with regards to local business and their focus has shifted accordingly. With their ability to track the location of devices engaging with their website and deliver ads based on selected regions, you can direct you ads to specific locations.

The most obvious use of this, is to harness an audience that is close to your location of operation. That can save you a lot of time and money, as you are no longer marketing to the masses. On top of spreading information within your local area, you should also consider extending your reach to a slightly wider community - places which are conveniently close but may also be unaware of you. Whatever your focus, it is always a good idea to take the time to fully consider your adverts.

How will each geographic react to your ad? By taking the time to tailor your messages to your audiences, you can relate to them on an interpersonal level. Customers tend to trust local companies more, so let them know that you are there for your community! By building a network of local consumers through Google AdWords, you can increase your reach and customer loyalty - fully realising your brand’s local potential.

For more information about Google AdWords and how it can be best implemented into your business, get in touch with Solute Digital.

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