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Top Image Sites for Businesses

As a business, there’s a lot of times when you find yourself hunting for that perfect image. Whether it’s for a presentation, some online content creation, a blog or a post for social media - it can be difficult to get that ideal image. Often, you won’t have the resources to capture a photo yourself, so here’s a few sites that can come in handy in moments like these.


A website full of gorgeous, high-res photography, gifted by people from all around the world. Simply search for a theme, or explore orchestrated collections and discover hundred of awe-inspiring, beautiful images. All are free under to download and use under Unsplash License. Check it out here.


Pexels has over 40,000 stock photos and all of them are high-quality and beautiful. A simple interface with an easy-to-use tagging system, allows you to easily find what you’re looking for. You are even able to filter your results by photographers to delve deeper into their content. Check it out here.


Unlike the first two options, Freepick doesn’t have a specific focus of high-resolution photography. Instead it features a diverse mix of vector art, illustrations and icons, that work particularly well with flyers, pamphlets and suchlike. It even has some tutorials and courses for you to hone your design skills! Check it out here.


A library full of photos, illustrations, vector images and videos, with a strong filter-system to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Pixabay has backing from an avid community, ensuring tons of new content from creatives is constantly uploaded. Check it out here.


Kaboompics has a large gallery full of images, free for your use. With the ability to filter by theme and colour, there’s always a high likelihood the perfect image will be waiting for you. They’ve got a big following that consistently ensures the website works as well as it can with new images always arising. Check it out here.


With hundreds of gorgeous high-resolution images added weekly, Stocksnap always has something that’ll catch your eye. Submitted by a large community of photographers, this website’s images are diverse, stunning and accessible. Check it out here.

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