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Are you trying to sell to the right people? Have you heard of buyer personas?

Solute Digital on Buyer Personas

Buyer personas are generalised representations of your target market, created by using existing customer data and market research to create an archetype of sorts. This is usually made up mostly of demographics, psychographics and geographic location and it sets out the key customer ‘look’. By grouping people into your created persona categories, you are able to create more effective strategies when looking to create, market and sell your products, no matter the obstacles. The process to pin down your buyer persona categories can be a little lengthy (especially if using surveys, interviews and heavy research), however, you will see the magnitude of effect throughout your business. You will know who you are selling to and how best execute the sale. If you want further support or information about how to use buyer personas to ensure you are maximising your sales, get in contact with Solute Digital and we can help you out!


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