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Digital Marketing trends

With constantly evolving technology, the world of digital marketing is an ever changing one. New trends emerge every day and they are sometimes difficult to stay on top of. Fortunately for you, that’s our job! Book a free consult with us!

In 2017, social media remains strong in the digital sphere, with more that half of the world’s population using such sites. As it has developed, social media has began to allow for more experimentation and personalisation. It’s low barriers to entry, transmedia functionality and adaptability as seemingly realigned the playing field between small and big businesses. Sprinkle a bit of innovative thinking over top of the current service and you might just find yourself reaping the rewards.

The vast amount of consumers are still spending large amounts of time with their mobile devices and are leaving that vessel open as a strong marketing tool. Using mobile sites and apps (either pre-existing or constructed) can set you apart from competitors easily and to great effect. By linking a mobile strategy with other platforms, you are able to strengthen your marketing even more. Combining different techniques and implementing ideas across a variety of platforms can ensure a greater customer reach with a more invested audience.

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It seems as though customers are starting to get a little bored. They want strategies, websites and advertisements to be shaken up just that little bit more. Mixed-media approaches are a great way to keep consumers refreshed and maximise your reach. Techniques such as videos, images and personal blogs are all great to add to the mix as they add an authentic, unique touch that consumers will appreciate.

At Solute, we pride ourselves on staying ahead of the trends and as such, we are able to help you succeed. If you want to find out more about our digital marketing services, book a free consult with us.

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