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Facebook Pixels & How to Best Use Them

Facebook ads are one of the most used and effective forms of digital advertising for businesses and there are certain tools that you can use to make it even better. One of those tools, is Facebook Pixels, which will help you get the most out of your social media marketing budget.

What Are Facebook Pixels?

A Facebook Pixel is a form of code for your website, that will allow you to track how many customers are being converted from Facebook ads. By using cookies, users are tracked during their interaction with your online brand. With this information you are able to further optimize your ads, rework targets and re-market to the people who are now engaging with your website.

How You Can Use Them:

You can use Facebook Pixels with specific ‘events’ (an action a user takes on your website) - either ones predetermined by Facebook or ones you’ve created yourself. Examples of events include: when someone lands on a page on your website, adds something to their cart, makes a purchase, registers for more information and many other options that are suited to your brand.

From your Facebook Ad Manager, choose the ‘Pixels’ option. From here you will be directed through the process of creating a pixel (it’s simple!) that you can then add into the code of your site. Once you’ve followed Facebook’s instructions, download the Facebook Pixel Helper extension for ease of use.

Use The New Info Wisely:

This information about customer behaviour and engagement with your website will come in handy. Think about what you’d like to achieve - Do you want to re-market to those who made it to your online store but didn’t purchase? Should you offer additional products to the people who’ve already made purchases? The possibilities are endless and you can ensure that this tool will fit into your personal digital strategy in one way or another.

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