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Facebook Stories and Instagram Stories

Social Media sites are constantly redesigning aspects of all their services, formulating completely re-imagined ways to communicate. One of the most recent developments, that has become permanently situated within the social media environment, is stories. Two of the main services using this feature are Facebook and Instagram.

If you’re unfamiliar with Facebook and Instagram stories, they are a means of sharing videos and images with your followers, disappearing within 24 hours. Features like Boomerang, Rewind, Stop-motion, as well a wide collection of filters and stickers, can also be paired with the uploads. The temporary nature of stories, presents a more intimate and specialised way to engage your audience. It strips a large amount of passivity from your audience’s involvement and can be harnessed for distinctive purposes. One of the key allowances this service makes, is for you to push multiple brand messages without diluting your account or overwhelming your audience. You can make smaller announcements, build hype or show behind the scenes content that your audience can enjoy. The nature of story engagement, means there can be numerous posts made each day with less audience fatigue.

Another such purpose is linking. With the ability to link to other websites or Instagram accounts, you can direct your followers to wherever you need them to be. Whether that’s your website, a new upload or a place of sales, linking allows you to easily present your audience with ways to further engage with you. Further to only using the tool to show your own content, try tagging other people’s Instagram accounts. If there are other friendly companies that you have worked with or can align yourself with, bringing them into your stories can work well for both your brands. It builds trust between you, directs each sets of customers between both parties and it authenticates your communication with a sweeter feel.

If you have a physical store or location (including an event space), stories present a great way to give offers. Take advantage of your customers screenshot ability, with a message like ‘screenshot this and show us for a 10% discount’. This is a means to add variety into your deals, making the most of the more exclusive feeling of stories.

Instagram also provides an advertising service in relation to stories. You are able to create an advertisement that shows while users are browsing through stories. This puts you straight into their social sphere and feels much more natural than alternative techniques.

For more information about the changing social media landscape and your place within it, get in touch with Solute!


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