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How blog writing can improve your SEO ranking

Blogging is an often overlooked, even seemingly archaic form of marketing. It seems to have been fizzling out since the rise of more popular social media applications. Yet to those businesses who still continue to blog, understand the process to be an integral part of good marketing and have seen the wonders it can do to your SEO ranking.

It’s no secret that search engines absolutely love fresh content. Blog writing is a great way to update your web page often, without having to do a complete revamp every couple of weeks. By doing this, you are also consistently creating more content for Google to index, propelling your SEO ranking way above your competitors. However, you can’t expect to see immediate results by throwing together any old garbage under the title of a blog. Remember, key words, phrases and topics are still important when working to build your online presence.

Consider what is relevant and interesting within your industry, then position yourself as an expert in that field. Not only will Google love you, but your consumers will too. Hopefully, by providing new online content, you will generate more online traffic that reels in more consumers and encourages them to keep sharing your posts around. If all goes well, your sites popularity will soar and your SEO ranking will follow.

Remember to try and add images or even videos to accompany your blog. This often makes it more interesting to the casual viewer and also allows search engines to discover and promote you even more. Multimedia keeps you relevant, unique and interesting.

If you’re not sure how to start, just put yourself in the consumer’s shoes. What do they want to see? What will they be searching for? Then, provide! Get your head down and start bashing away at your keyboard - you’ll see your results skyrocket.

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