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How businesses can use Snapchat to promote their business!

With the growing amount of Social Media networks, comes huge new opportunities to promote your business. Snapchat is no exception. The app has over 158 Million daily users and a whole lot of benefits for you. Snapchat is a very personal network that can bring you together with your customers. The ‘My Story’ feature can be used in a variety of ways, particularly to give key consumers the chance to see behind the scenes. This function has been used well by a number of fashion brands before runway events and launches. The traditional direct message use, is also a great means to building relationships with consumers. Want to send a personalised voucher or message? Do it through Snapchat where they know they have been specifically chosen for the promotion. This works well with rewarding loyalty and competitions. One of the best (and often overlooked) features of Snapchat is the Geo-filter. A Geo-Filter is perfect for a launch or other sort of event. It uses location technology that allows Snapchat users to use a pre-made ‘sticker’ over their next Snap when in the designated location. This allows customers/attendees to share your brand with their friends in a fun and extremely convenient way! Want to know more? Call or email us @ or phone


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