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How Email Marketing can grow your sales

Email marketing has been a favoured form of digital marketing for a number of years now, being used by businesses of all sizes. Those who actively utilize it, will attest to the fact that email marketing has the ability to grow sales at a great rate. With the knowledge and the application of certain techniques and platforms, your business can discover and reap the benefits.

Why does it have such promise? Because the nature of the communication is more personal and prolonged. Instead of just passively viewing a website or Facebook page, email marketing offers your audience a means to access new information from you regularly and personally. You can keep them connected with promotions, content and other general information about your business. By doing so, you humanize yourself as an authentic entity, instead of some faceless place that just sells things. This begins and maintains a relationship, where they can discover a greater understanding of your brand overtime - adding a heightened layer of trust. From here, you can build more customer loyalty and encourage repurchasing. By integrating an email sign-up into your social media platform, website and even storefront (if you have a physical location), you can begin that relationship very early and start establishing a strong community of willing consumers.

Your database of email addresses also allows you to keep tabs on who you is interested in your business. You can gather a greater understanding of how wide your reach is and what sort of people you are attracting. As it develops, you can even use the email addresses to contact customer for surveys or research if need be. In these ways, email marketing is able to help you develop new customer relationships as well as strengthen your existing ones.

It can be difficult to start off, particularly if you are a new, small-scale business. Fortunately, there are a number of platforms, designed to support you with your email marketing. MailChimp is one of the most popular tools used by a huge number of businesses. It offers you simple ways to create targeted campaigns, automated service for product follow-ups and other cases, back-in-stock messaging, business analytics, mobile services and even more helpful resources that will help you make the most out of email marketing. Basically it is a powerhouse, with a flexible design to fit your businesses needs. Campaign Monitor is another service, which helps you create stunning, professional emails with a very simple interface. Not only does their beautiful appearance help capture audiences, but the personalisation of a hyper-segmented approach makes it easy to truly communicate with consumers. Litmus is the final platform we’ll make note of here, although there are many more out there that you may find gell best with your business approach. Litmus has top-quality creative tools, as well as analytic, spam testing and checklist services that work together for a holistic approach to email-marketing.

With all these tools out there to support you and the benefits of email-marketing evident, it’s time to integrate it into your overall marketing strategy. For more information and support, get in contact with Solute Digital and we’ll work with you to grow your sales through email-marketing.


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