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How to grow your following on Instagram

Instagram has positioned itself as one of the most influential social media platforms in recent years, with a stunning interface and unique style. The app is great for businesses looking to grow their social presence as well a build an aesthetic, portfolio-esque profile to engage a growing audience. While it can be difficult to grow your following to a decent size, there are ways to do it - even for the smallest of businesses!

The first necessity is a cross-promotion. A simple post or share to your website or other social pages (such as Facebook), will let consumers know that you have an Instagram account they can follow. A well-rounded strategy that incorporates your instagram profile with such existing platforms can go a long way to establish a core audience from your existing followers.

To continue to cultivate your following, you should start with those who are already seeing your post. Encourage them to tag friends or share your post - either with simple content or as a competition. Many followers are more than willing to share your page with their friends, especially if they’ve got something to gain! No recommendation is better than one from a trusted friend, so those tagged are likely to follow and continually engage with your brand.

Of course, your content is the most important aspect of your instagram account. Your posts should be an authentic representation of your brand and convey a sense of both your products and your values. Create a vision board or browse other instagram accounts you like, to find a theme or aesthetic that ties in with your business. From here, continue that familiarity throughout your content to ensure you entice an active audience with quality posts. Post consistently, but without overdoing it - too much can overwhelm your audience. Also, try incorporate user-generated content, where possible. This allows you to connect more intimately with your followers and shows how much you value them.

Hashtags are one of the best ways to draw in new followers. When posting, incorporate relevant hashtags to link yourself with relevant searches. This will help a wider audience discover your content. Be careful not to overdo it, however. Too many hashtags can limit the sense of professionalism and can possibly undercut an established reputation.

Of course, you can also post sponsored advertisements, that can gain a lot of reach. With a paid, promoted post, you can target certain demographics to reach a relevant audience that is likely to engage with your content. Save your best posts for this - whatever will catch someone's eye when they’re scrolling through their feed and encourage them to stop and check your business out.

By growing your Instagram following, your business has a wider reach and more customers willing to purchase your products. For more information or support on how to manage your social media presence, get in touch with Solute.


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