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The must do's for organic ranking

If your web page ranks high for relevant keywords on Google’s search listings, you gain an immediate advantage over your competitors. Working to build a strong organic ranking doesn’t always feel like an easy task though. Here are the must do’s to boost your organic Google SEO ranking and maximise the effect of your website.

Collect keywords. Instead of trying to situate yourself as the top rank for ALL the relevant keywords, pick a list of your most desired and work from there. Use an adwords service like Keyword Planner and pick some solid keywords that your audience is searching for. By trimming down your list, you can put more focus into pulling good results with a higher chance of success.

Incorporate keywords in your content. Now that you have collected the keywords you want to rank for, use them! Incorporate them into your content and build up from there. For even better effect, also optimise your URL, meta-descriptions and titles. Remember though, Google’s algorithms work against cramming exact match keywords, so work for variability and diversity.

Make good content. The best strategy will always be to create top-notch content. High quality posts will engage readers and Google will make note of it. From there, you have a better chance of going viral and pulling larger audiences - which you will be rewarded for in Google’s algorithms.

Inbound link. Linking to relevant pages and content within your own website is a simple way to boost your organic ranking. Not only will it keep readers engaged and active on your webpage, but it will boost your authority too. These two things will combine to boost your organic ranking without too much effort.

Work in your Social Media accounts. Chances are your business is already on Facebook or another social media site, so use this to your advantage! Social media is among the best ways to increase your audience and engage them. Not only will this keep your website relevant and active, but it can also increase your organic ranking.

Track your progress. There’s no point putting in all the work and not seeing the effect. Track your progress and use what you learn as you continue to develop your business and social strategy.

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