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The importance of building a solid & clean database as part of your marketing strategy.

Solute Digital - Email Marketing

Your database is usually your first point of call when you are looking at your clientele. This is where you generate your statistics, analyse your main consumers and often where a significant amount of your marketing effort is focussed. So, if you want your marketing strategy to be clear, strong and effective (and why wouldn’t you?!), your database should reflect that.

Think about who is currently in your database. Is your target market well represented? If not, you should make a point to develop it. If you are struggling to build, a social media campaign is a great way to start - think competitions, ‘sharing’ and work with the base you already have. Not only will this enlarge your audience and allow you to reach more consumers who value what you do, but it will help you to generate more content/statistics/sales/feedback/products that are relevant and important to your customers.

Also, it is important to consider how you are connecting with your database. Are you communicating in a honest way that reflects you and your brand? Are you targeting the right people? For example, you may often find yourself writing with a formality that doesn’t reflect what your customers want or understand you to be. Really try to nail down on who is in your database and what they would most like to see. This might even mean segregating particular groups (i.e. long committed clients) to ensure they are only receiving relative content to keep them happy and loyal.

If you have been working at your database for a while, it is also important to keep it clean. This means clearing out any accounts or addresses that are no longer in use or relevant. This will keep your stats real, honest and representative of your efforts, allowing you to further maximise the effects of your generated content.

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