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Top 10 must do's to have a successful Facebook Business Page

The importance of harnessing social media for business is now pretty cemented in how we we think about digital marketing and of course, Facebook is right at the top the list. Yet despite its popularity, businesses still struggle to pull together a quality page that works well for them and their customers. Here are our top 10 must do’s to have a successful Facebook Business Page.

Create original content. Sharing interesting ideas from all around the internet can and does work well on your Facebook page, but it is what you personally create that is going to work the best. Original content means your business will be reflected well and you’ll give your consumers a better understanding who you are.

Respond to Comments and Messages. With it’s popularity, Facebook has become a go-to communication method, even for businesses. That means that in order to ensure you are delivering the best service for your customers, you need to be checking and replying to messages and comments

Cross-promote. If you want to pull larger audiences, cross-promotion is an easy but effective way to go. Stop thinking about each of your social media accounts as separate entities and start seeing them as a way to fuel each other.

Post regularly. By continuing to post, you are constantly keeping yourself at the forefront of your customers timelines and minds.

Invest. There are a large number of means to promote posts and pages on Facebook, which may cost a little. In the long run, however, you will see that benefits of investing in ads, will far outweigh the costs.

Use the platform for accessibility. Facebook has more or less situated itself as the about page of the internet. That means that your business’s page will often be the first place potential customers see you. So, keep it slick and true to you.

Call to actions. By directing your Facebook traffic to other ways of engagement with you, or through to immediate action, you can maximize your effect on your consumers.

Target your audience. Remember who your audience is and stay true to them. You’ll find that it’s better to largely appeal to a minimal audience, than to minimally appeal to large audience.

Insights. Facebook’s insight system should be your best friend. From using their data, you can see how well each of your posts are doing and make decisions about how to make them even better.

Schedule and stick to it! Scheduling your posts works extremely well if you find yourself crunched for time. It helps you plan a good social media strategy and to stay on top of it all.

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