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What makes a good website

How do you make a great website that makes people keep coming back? With so many options and ways to create it, it is so easy to become overwhelmed. The first thing to consider, is how your site will reflect your brand. Ensure the layout and language you use is consistent with your company’s branding and overall ‘flavour’. Once you have decided on what that might look like, stick to it - simple, authentic and engaging should become your three favourite words during the process.

Despite the need for simplicity, your website can still be innovative. In creating new ways to present yourself through your website, you can immediately set yourself apart from your competitors. Ask yourself: how can you bring a fresh approach to your website and shake up your competitors? What is the best way to engage your consumers in a way that speaks to them? Remember a website is as much a marketing tool and sales generator as it is an about page. A good website communicates a brand’s message to a consumer and then leads them to a call to action (whether that is sign-up, purchase, contact or another relevant action).

Sometimes, building a great website can all get a bit confusing and it’s easy to get caught up in all of your thoughts - You want your website to be friendly for both the consumer and the users. You want it to represent your company with an authentic touch. Your budget doesn’t seem to stretch enough to put your all into it. You want to create something that is truly special. Fortunately, Solute can help.

Solute’s websites are affordable, user friendly & they convert your prospects into clients. Check out our work and see what we can do for you!

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