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Why you should have an Instagram page for your business

With social media now so ingrained within the business landscape, it is crucial that you make the most of all the opportunities you are provided with. By utilizing all the best social media marketing options, you can ensure an edge over your competitors and build a strong relationship with your audience. One of the best and often under-utilized tools, is Instagram - if you’re not already using it, this is why you need to.

Instagram now works with business better than it ever have before. With new technologies to support your marketing strategy, you can effectively access insights to further understand your audience. Such a tool is a brilliant and easy means to continue to build the way you present yourself to your audience. You can access data about who is engaging with you and map how you can be doing even better. Then you can take the information and use Instagram’s promotion technology to increase the amount of people seeing and engaging with your business.

Each social media website is relatively specific in their main user base, particularly in the case of Instagram. With a predominantly younger demographic, it is has a more alternative feel that can really work to increase and widen the audience that is engaging with your business. There are 700 Million monthly users on the platform - a huge amount of untapped people to connect with.

In such audience connections, Instagram’s aesthetic works extremely well in communicating your brand’s values and goods/services. With the options of adding basic photos as well as links, videos and other forms of media, you are able to build your page with a unique feel that authentically speaks to your customers. The application uses a fluid and easily accessible feed, which means that you just need to start creating content and you are on your way to building a great Instagram page.

For more information about Solute and to see how we have used the Instagram platform, check out our page now >


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