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What makes a great AdWords campaign

Google AdWords is an efficient tool in ensuring high-quality online marketing. Even with small budgets, you are able to create great campaigns that are extremely effective in targeting audiences and converting them into customers. With so many business using the service, it is important to stay ahead of the game to maximise your success. Here are some key factors that make an AdWords campaign great.

Strong customer consideration. It is important to fully define your target audience and create content in accordance with who that is. Your ads should attract their attention and lead them toward taking action (i.e. going to your website). Part of this, involves looking into customer demand. Using Google’s Keyword Suggestion Tool, you can specifically use keywords that more people will be searching for. With deeper insight into who (and how many people) will be seeing your ad, you can formulate them to gain much better conversion rates.

Be as accessible as possible. As to allow more of your target market to access your ads, make sure your ad is both technologically and understandably accessible. This relates to a couple of things. Firstly, ensure you are using mobile-prefered ads to remove any hassle for mobile users. Secondly, ensure your copy is legible and digestible - it is pointless to drown customers in too much unnecessary information. By allowing accessibility in relation to technological choices and how information is phrased, you are able to generate a much larger conversion rate.

Positive Landing Page. Once you have won over a viewer and they are redirected to your website, they want to see something that is consistent with the ad that they saw. Whatever was originally promised, needs to be backed up on the website. A great way to do this, is develop a landing page specific to the ad - something that directly relates your business to the keywords used. By doing this, you can lead your prospective customer toward your product, as opposed to simply sending them there. What this means is that they can be continually reassured they are on a good path, as opposed to being disorientated and clicking off your website.

These are just a few of the key factors found in great AdWords campaigns. For more assistance and further information, get in touch with Solute Digital.


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